44 Sommer Road, CAWARRAL QLD PHONE: (07) 4934 4377 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK


catteryThe cattery complex is located separately to the dog kennels with a picturesque outlook to a rural landscape. The accommodation consists of individual rooms with large windows so your treasured feline can while away the day observing the natural habitat.

The tranquil bush outlook means your cat can often site koalas in the beautiful gum trees and kangaroos grazing in the grass only meters away from the building. Your cat can enjoy their stay in a peaceful, safe and relaxing environment that is fully air conditioned and heated whilst being professionally cared for. All our cat rooms and INDIVIDUAL ROOMS come furnished with cat tower/tree and a soft ‘bucket bed’.

All our rates include premium food twice daily, both wet and dry. You are most welcome to bring comfort items from home like additional soft bedding, blankets or toys to help your cat feel more at home. Additional services like a daily kitty brushes, playtime, taxi pick up and drop off are available. Please check out our services page to find out more.

All cats are to have a minimum F3 level vaccination that is current.


We have two types of rooms for our feline friends:

  • STANDARD ROOM $22/night – Single cat (more than 1 cat $19night)
    (This room includes a cat tower and soft bucket bed, this room is suitable for 1-2 cats)
  • DELUXE ROOM $30/night – single cat (more than 1 cat $25/night)
    (This room is a double size room that is ideal for multi-cat owners, it includes several deluxe cat towers, scratching trees and various play tunnels and toys)

Cancellation fees apply for school holidays periods only, please also see our terms and conditions for more information

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